The Study of Visual Art and Design Academicians

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#1 When will results of this research study be available? Where will I obtain that information?

Beginning in early 2006, the results of the Study of Visual Art and Design Academicians will be available for your review. They will be posted here, at this same website. An abstract is available now. Please click here to be redirected to the appropriate page.

#2 Why isn't the SVADA survey located at this site?

The researcher wants to ensure that only those individuals who have been invited to participate in the survey will do so. Therefore, it is hosted at another location that can provide a secured server with password protected access to the appropriate survey.

#3 I've lost my invitation letter from SVADA with the login password? Can I still take the survey?

Yes. Simply contact the researcher and a password
will sent to your email address.

#6 How do I take part in the study and if I didn't receive an invitation to do so?

Only individuals who have received an invitation letter to participate in the study have been sent one of the special follow-up email messages that provide a link to the actual survey website. If you would like to know if you're also eligible to participate in this study, you may contact the researcher for further details about criteria for inclusion in the study. You will need to answer some brief questions, so that a determination can be made regarding eligibility.

#7 How do I receive a Crate and Barrel gift certificate?

If you are one of the first 100 persons invited to respond to the SVADA email and complete the questionnaire at the survey website, then you will be redirected to an online registration page after you exit the survey. This page contains a form that will request your name and mailing address information so that a "thank you" gift can be sent to you. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.

#8 There isn't a Crate and Barrel store in my hometown. Where can I spend this gift?

Your gift certificate is provided in the form of a gift card and may also be used for convenient online shopping at the Crate and Barrel website.


#4 Why haven't I received a follow-up email with the hyperlink to the survey -- even though I was invited to participate in the study?

Your email address information may be incorrect in the researcher's records, so please contact SVADA at your earliest convenience and a linking email will be sent to you within 24 hours.

#5 Is the SVADA study only for visual arts professionals? I am NOT an artist or design professional but wonder why I received an invitation to participate in the study.

Not to worry. Some individuals in related disciplines are perfectly eligible to take part in this study because they are serving as department chairs or deans in divisions where visual artists and designers teach. If you supervise and/or have served on a search committee(s) to hire visual arts and design faculty, then you are indeed eligible to take part in this study. Many colleges and smaller institutions typically combine visual arts with music and other related Fine Arts fields. Hence, the department chair may not be an artist but nonetheless will take part in faculty recruitment activities that involve hiring artists and design professionals to teach at their institutions.

The Study of Visual Art and Design Academicians

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