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You are a very important and respected participant in this research project. Therefore, it’s essential that you receive the necessary information regarding your fundamental rights as a participant. The Boston College Institutional Review Board (BCIRB) maintains strict policies for the ethical disclosure of these rights to all individuals who take part in graduate student research studies that have been approved by the university. The following summary of these rights is provided for your information and review:

Voluntary Participation

Your decision to take part in this research study is purely voluntary and it is yours alone. You are truly doing the researcher a great favor by taking part in this study, and this is why your kind interest and support of this project are so deeply appreciated. Although you may not benefit directly from having participated in this project, the empirical data gathered and ultimate results of the study will hopefully contribute to our current understanding of the academic profession, particularly within the context of visual art and design higher education.

Free to Withdraw at Anytime

You are always free to withdraw from this research study at anytime without harmful, negative consequences or retaliation – whether now by deciding not to take part, or later during the survey taking process should you decide to exit the online questionnaire.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Your responses to survey questions are confidential. No personal identifiers whatsoever are contained in the questionnaire. The host website for the survey, PsychData.net, maintains robust and efficient enterprise level security for its protected server and therefore minimizes risks of intrusion during data transmission or potential loss of privacy; For further information about these safety features, please visit their security information webpage. All data obtained for the study will be used for dissertation research purposes only, subject to the official policies of my university, as well as legal restrictions and guidelines of the U.S. Department of Education (DOE: 34 CFR 97.116). Data will be maintained by the researcher for a period of three (3) years and then destroyed immediately thereafter.


If you are among the first 100 participants to complete the online questionnaire, and therefore, eligible to receive an honorarium (gift card/certificate), then you will need to provide your name and mailing address information in order to receive that compensation. Be assured that using the online registration form will in no way identify your responses to survey items. This information is requested for mailing purposes only and will not be disclosed to third parties.

The Study of Visual Art and Design Academicians

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